Second-Hand Machinery

Ergo-System Beta plus

New ergonomics, combined in a compact cutting system.

Thanks to the auto-start function for the handling equipment, which has been integrated
into the cutter's control, the operator can concentrate on his cutting tasks.
Efficiency can be increased by up to 15%.

Ergo-System Beta plus

What does the system offer


  • Ergonomically sound finishing line
  • BSB 3L with ream pusher and buffer table
  • Auto-start for jogger and unloader via push button in the control of the guillotine
  • Waste removal by flap and waste conveyor


  •   Pile Hoists BSH 3-650 - Easy to use pile hoists with platform.
  •   Automatic Jogger BSB 3 L - All model "L" automatic joggers are equipped with a
          pneumatic air-expulsion roller with clamping device.
  •   Wohlenberg High-Speed Guillotines 132 - Cutting width 132.
          Modern cutting technique allows rational cutting of different products and sizes.
  •   Unloader BA 3 - The ergonomic and economically effective way to restack single and multiple cuts
          with high precision.

Available for formats:

  • from 520 x 740 mm
  • to 1040 x 1440 mm

Video of the System

Product video: Ergo-System Beta plus