Second-Hand Machinery



Development of high-precision-unloaders BA 8 for paper-manufacturers and other companies, requiring highly precise restacking results; development of fully automatic production systems for label-strips, including control and sorting-station. These systems control, sort, collect, buffer and restack the different strips onto the correct pallets. The systems are completed by a sheet-inserter. The operator can thus concentrate on the cutting-process. Development of completely automatic pile turners BSW 10-2000 LDV for large format materials (format 10).

We are proud to be known as competent interlocutor within the graphic industry and always endeavour to intensify the development of those machines, which meet our customers current needs best. We see ourselves as “system supplier”, offering machinery which brings our customers an important profit.


During DRUPA 2004 BAUMANN showed:

  • the automatic jogging process BASA
  • the automatic buffering of jogged layers BMR
  • the automatic layer transport BFS
  • the fully automatic cutting process with APS
  • the automatic unloader BAF

DRUPA visitors are enthusiastic about the automatic jogging system BASA; many orders are placed during the exhibition. BASA bridges the gap within the automatic cutting process.
In 2004, BAUMANN also presented the largest cutting-line world-wide with a cutting-width of 420 cm, an automatic jogger BSB 15 (format 210 x 310cm) as well as a gripper transport-system BFS in combination with a transfer-unit BTE 15 for the transport of the jogged layers onto the rear-table of the cutter. The cuts are restacked automatically by a large-format unloader BA 15 N (max. format 210 x 310 cm).
As another novelty, in 2004 BAUMANN presented pile turners BSW 6/7 e – the cost-saving solution for simple turning-tasks. Pile Turners BSW 6/7 e are available with manual / motorically suported turning, aeration and / or vibration.

Other novelties in 2004:
BASA 7/8 - the automatic jogging system for large-format material BSW 8 LDV – the automatic pile-turner for large-format material (format 8). An automatic cutting-line for paper mills (format 75 x 105 cm)


  • BAUMANN automatic jogging systems BASA 3/6
    BAUMANN presents the prototype of the completely automatic jogging system, which is met with great approval
  • BAUMANN multi-layer rack BMR
    Development of the BMR, format 3, available with 10 or more boards. With the BMR, jogged materials can be prepared and buffered for different cutting-tasks and can subsequently be transferred onto the rear-table of the cutter. The BMR is most profitable wherever many different cutting tasks with differing jogging- and cutting-times are to be accomplished.
  • BAUMANN Gripper-Transport-System BFS-D
    Development of the BAUMANN Gripper-Transport-System BFS-D = the „double-gripper-system“. This gripper-system transfers the layers from the automatic jogger towards the multi-layer rack BMR and from the BMR towards the rear-table of the cutter. The operating modes of the two gripper-waggons have clearly been separated from each other. Both the feeding-times for the BMR and for the cutter are very short; however, the feeding of the cutter is always carried out with first priority.
  • BAUMANN Pile Hoist NUP 3000
    Maximum format: 152 x 205 cm; maximum loading capacity: 3000kg. Inspite of the heavy weight, the piles remain in shape.
  • BAUMANN Pile Turners BSW 7 AUPASYS
    available in combination with a complete logistic system and a turning-station.


  • BAUMANN Pile Turners BSW 3 e (economy)
    The cost-saving semi-automatic pile-turner for manual turning, with (optional) aeration, vibration and alignment-stop.
  • BAUMANN multiple unloaders BA-F for 2 or 4 pallet spaces
    This new generation of unloaders reveals completely new possibilities. The whole unloader moves on linear-guidings, which are fixed to a solid machine bed. Highly dynamic and productive and with a great variety of possible combinations, the BA-F contributes largely to our customers benefit. The unloader can be equipped with two or four pallet spaces. Precise centring of the pile both in longitudinal and cross-direction.
  • BAUMANN 4-fold-racks BSR with four circulating boards
    The BSR sorts, collects and buffers the different products of collective sheets. It is always installed in combination with a multiple unloader BA-F. The completed layers are restacked automatically onto the respective pallets.


  • BAUMANN pile turners BSW 3 with touch-screen and positionable alignment-stop
    A highly modern sensoric system enables the alignment-stop to locate the pile. The BSW 3 with touch-screen and positionable alignment-stop is a completely automatic pile-turner, which unites very short set-up times and very easy handling. It is possible to generate a special program for each product. These programs can be saved within the technology memory.
  • Automatic positioning systems APS with 90°/180° turning
    Completely automatic cutting for large-format material with 3-axis continuous-path control. The APS is both highly dynamic and highly productive with very short cycle times. It can be combined with the automatic layer-transport as well as with a BAUMANN automatic unloader.


  • BAUMANN unloaders BA 2 N for lower piles (format 2)
    These unloaders restack even smallest layers highly precisely.
  • Automatic Positioning System APS
    During DRUPA 2000, BAUMANN presents the completely automatic cutting-process for format 7.
  • Belader BB7 -S im Format 1650x1650mm.
    Diese Maschine entstapelt vollautomatisch und ist mit einem Logistiksystem ausgestattet. Für das große Format und das enorme Lagengewicht ist die Maschine in 2-Ständer-Version ausgelegt.
  • BAUMANN loader BB7-S
    The loader BB7-S (format 1650 x 1650 mm) destacks the piles completely automatically. It is equipped with a logistic system. To be able to handle the heavy-weight of the large-format materials, the loader has been built in a 2-column-base version. The automatic unloader BA 7 restacks the layers after the completely automatic cutting-cycle has been completed. From the rear-table of the cutter, the layers are transferred directly towards the unloader, without any operator’s intervention.
  • BAUMANN Pile Turners BSW 3
    mobile (for euro-pallets), uniting the functions of a pile turner with a fork lift.


  • BAUMANN pile turners BSW 3 the next generation
    Available with aeration, vibration, manual or motorized turning.
  • BAUMANN Pile Hoists NUP 650-W and NUP 1000W<
    These pile-hoists are equipped with angle-stops and reduce the operator’s physical strain during the manual restacking process.


    with logistic system for format 6. (functions comparable with BSW AUPASYS for format 3)
  • BAUMANN automatic unloader BA 3 with two restacking stops
    The BA 3 has been equipped with an optimized operator guiding and is perfectly suitable for the restacking of both rather difficult and very small materials.
  • BAUMANN Gripper Transport Systems BFS-R
    These gripper transport systems are modern rear-table feeding systems, which require very little space. They are able to buffer and transfer up to 5 layers at a time. The BFS-R is highly ergonomic, very dynamic and guarantees a very good productivity.


  • BAUMANN Unloaders BA 10with dividing board
    An automatic unloader for paper mills, equipped with a removable dividing board. This unloader is able to restack both smaller formats and the maximum format of 1520 x 2050 mm highly precisely. The unloader can be integrated into a logistic system, which transfers the completed pile automatically towards the subsequent packing line.
  • BAUMANN Loaders BB 10
    A logistic system positions the pile in front of the loader, which then destacks it automatically. A measuring system allows the destacking of pre-defined pile-heights.
    for format 3 automatically prepare printed sheets for the non-stop-feed of the printing press. The transporting pallet is exchanged against a system pallet. The material is aligned precisely and positioned in the centre of the system pallet.


  • New unloaders for series BA 3N and BA 6N.
    These unloaders are suitable for the highly precise restacking of cut materials with a maximum pile-height of 1100 mm.
  • BAUMANN loaders BB 6 E (with E-system)
    When working with the „e-system“, the layers are marked with „chips“ (usually inserted during the jogging process). The loader recognizes these chips and destacks the layers highly precisely as required. This patented system prevents the bottom-sheets of each layer from being damaged and guarantees a precise destacking of the layers.


  • Completely automatic palletizers BPA-M (for euro-pallets)
    This highly dynamic machine is able to palletize and restack different products, such as books, brochures and punched materials automatically. It is usually part of a logistic system.