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Baumann Air Board System BLL

Baumann BLL

Air-Board Systems offer numerous buffer spaces for jogged reams. They bridge the waiting-times between jogging and cutting. Air-Boards, which are put between the reams, separate the reams and are also used for the ream's transport. Air-Boards are put in or taken out by the operator.


  • Building up a pile of jogged reams for further processing
  • Destacking of piles
  • Pile-exchange

Modes of operation

  • In-line Solution:

The Air-Board System is installed between the jogger and the cutter. The reams are jogged in the automatic jogger, buffered in the air-board system and are then transported towards the cutter. It is also possible to put in pre-jogged piles directly at the air-board system, thus skipping the automatic jogger, and transport the reams towards the cutter.

  • Off-line Solution:

After the jogging process the reams are buffered and restacked with the assistance of the air-board system. The reams are then transported from the air-board system towards the cutter either automatically via the rear-table or manually via the front-table.


  • BLL is a low-cost buffering system

Technical Data

Format max. [mm]850 x 11001050 x 1450