Second-Hand Machinery

Baumann Gripper Transport System BFS-R

Baumann BFS-R
(4 and 5 buffer-spaces)

The gripper transport system BFS-R, more commonly known as the "Curved Gripper System", offers the most efficient way to feed a cutter via the rear table. The jogged ream is transported from the front side of the cutter, from a BASA, an automatic jogger or an automatic loader towards the cutter's rear-table over an angle of 90°. As the cutter is cutting the ream, the BFS-R is filling the buffer positions. This allows the cutter operator to continuously cut.

Available variants

  • BFS-R H for rear-table feeding with 4 buffer-spaces
  • BFS-R HV for front- and rear-table feeding with 5 buffer-spaces
  • BFS-R can be combined with Automatic cutting and Automatic jogging (BASA)


  • Large number of buffer-spaces, requiring very little space
  • Thanks to the very high speed of the gripper transport, the reams are transported towards the cutter in a very short time
  • The speed can be adjusted to suit the product
  • The clamping force of the grippers is infinitely variable, no risk of marking the sheets
  • Space-saving construction with short ways between jogger and cutter
  • The jogged reams can be transported directly towards the cutter without any intermediate stops

Technical Data

Format max. [mm]720 x 1050920 x 13001050 x 1450
Format min. [mm]430 x 610430 x 610430 x 610
Ream height [mm]160160160
Format max. [mm]1250 x 16501320 x 18501525 x 2050
Format min. [mm]430 x 610430 x 610430 x 610
Ream height [mm]160160160