Second-Hand Machinery

Wohlenberg High-Speed Cutter WB 132

Cutting width 132

Wohlenberg High-Speed Guillotines of the pro-tec product line are of solid construction and suited for processing various materials, as e.g. paper, cardboard, offset printing plates or similar cutting stock. Modern cutting technique allows rational cutting of different products and sizes.

The guillotine can be economically used as stand-alone unit or integrated in cutting systems. Program generation is menu-guided and covers a variety of cutting jobs, e.g. Single cut, Program cut, Repeat cut, Clamping without cut, Automatic actual-value transfer.


  • CIP Data module standard
  • 18,4 touchscreen colordisplay (format 16:10)
  • Short stop function for the clamp standard = faster cut cycle
  • Electronic hand wheel for the backgauge positioning
  • Stainless steel plated machine table, without slot
  • Pressing cylinder for the clamp is isntalled centrally underneath the cutting table, providing an equal pressure
  • Programmable clamp pressure standard
  • Automatic adaption of clamp pressure to cutting width
  • Cast iron machine frame in one piece

Important options

  • Automatic waste removal ASE, lowers up to 4 mm for collection of small cuts

on thin boards

  • Turning and swivel backgauge
  • Prepared for automatic turning and cutting
  • Linear backgauge drive for rear table loading

Technical data

Cutting width [cm]132132 L
Cutting depth [cm]132,5142
Cutting height (without false clamp plate) [cm]16,516,5
Table height [cm]8787
Clamping pressure min./max. [daN]350-4500350-4500
Backgauge speed [cm/s]30120
Smallest cut without / with false clamp plate [cm]2,0/7,72,0/7,7