Second-Hand Machinery

Baumann Unloader BA N e

Baumann BA N e

Semi-automatic restacking of single- and multiple cuts with high precision.

Most important features:

  • Very smooth surface, micro-perforated air-table-surface
  • Very lean table construction with a long slope
  • Thanks to the very limited drop height at the transfer to the pallet, even very small cuts can be restacked with ease
  • Precise guides
  • Sturdy and strong design and engineering
  • No compressed air required
  • The pallet can be removed from either side
  • Low maintenance
  • No set-up times
  • Maximises energy savings

Technical Data

BA 2 N eBA 3 N e
Sheet format max. [mm] *550 x 770770 x 1070
Pile height [mm]900900
Ream weight55150
Pallet height min. [mm]120160

* to be understood as max. pallet sizes