Second-Hand Machinery

Scale Counter BZW in combination with an automatic jogger

Baumann BZW
(in combination with an automatic jogger)

Simultaneous jogging and counting saves time and space. Counting prior to the cutting process ensures that a precise, pre-defined number of sheets is cut.


  • Integrated printer for recording of all important data

(date, time, customer’s name, operator)
  • Seven-digit LCD multifunctional display
  • Alphanumeric keyboards with function keys
  • Dynamic memory management (memory capacity for 1000 jobs)
  • Serial interfaces


  • Time saving (simultaneous jogging and counting)
  • Space saving (the automatic jogger is positioned on top of the scale counter)

Technical Data

Weighing platform [mm]1250 x 1050
Weighing power [kg]0 - 600
Total loading capacity [kg]1100
Digital steps [g]10