Second-Hand Machinery

Baumann Gripper Transport System BFS

Baumann BFS
(1 and 2 buffer-spaces)

Gripper transport systems take the jogged reams out of the automatic jogger and transport them towards the cutter. BFS can be equipped with one or two buffer-spaces. This is the "classic rear-table feeding". The layers are transported in a "straight-forward movement". BFS is very efficient and dynamic. It is able to transport the layer directly towards the cutter without any intermediate stops.

Possible combinations

  • Combination with automatic cutting (BDG)
  • Combination with automatic jogging (BASA)


  • Very quick feeding of the cutter
  • Higher layers can be processed when feeding the cutter via the rear-table
  • Cost-saving, increasing the productivity
  • Highly precise and highly dynamic

Technical Data

Format max. [mm]770 x 10701050 x 14501260 x 1670
Cutting width [mm]1150/132016801680 with long table or 2250
Buffer-spaces1 or 21 or 21 or 2
Number of grippers233
Format max. [mm]1300 x 18501525 x 2050
Cutting width [mm]22502250
Buffer-spaces1 or 21 or 2
Number of grippers33