Second-Hand Machinery

Storage System Gamma

For large cutting volumes

This system has been made for all customers, who process large cutting volumes and who are confronted with cutting times of more than 5 minutes per ream – the majority of the orders consisting of small and medium print runs.

Storage System Gamma

What does the system offer


  • Fully automatic sheet handling
  • Highest flexibility, above all for collective sheets and greatly differing print runs
  • Perfect cost control (integration into the company’s ERP-system)


  •   Automatic Jogging Systems BASA 3 - The first system, which is able to align a large variety of materials
          fully automatically.
  •   Multi-Layer Rack BMR - The jogged reams are buffered within the Multi-Ream Rack and are transported
          towards the cutter when required.
  •   Gripper transport systems BFS - Removing the sheets from the BASA and offering the possibility of feeding
          the high-speed cutter via the front-table.
  •   2x Wohlenberg High-Speed Guillotines 132 - Cutting width 132.
          Modern cutting technique allows rational cutting of different products and sizes.
  •   2x Unloader BA 3 - The ergonomic and economically effective way to restack single and multiple cuts
          with high precision.

Available for formats:

  • from 500 x 720 mm
  • to 1040 x 1420 mm