Second-Hand Machinery

Offline Jogging System Omega

Offline jogging system for the preparation of the label production process
(paper- or IML-labels)

This repiling system for the preparation of paper- or IML-labels or job-printing works completely automatic. It is the perfect addition to our paper-mill system Kappa.

Offline Jogging System Omega

What does the system offer


  • Automatic jogging and restacking process
  • Chip inserter available as an option
  • Connection of the unloader to a scale counter


  •   Automatic Jogging Systems BASA 3 - The first system, which is able to align a large variety of materials
          fully automatically.
  •   Unloader BA 3 - The ergonomic and economically effective way to restack single and multiple cuts
          with high precision.

Available for formats:

  • from 720 x 1040 mm
  • to 1510 x 2050 mm