Second-Hand Machinery

Standardised modules, individual solutions
– no contradiction for us

The challenge: making tailor-made solutions affordable.
The solution: intelligent combination of standardized modules
and machines, keeping the costs as low as possible.

BAUMANN-WOHLENBERG offers a wide portfolio of finishing machines for many different kinds
of tasks. Different materials, production processes and methods, however, make it difficult to offer
our customers systems with only standard machines, and this is where our engineers come into play. Thanks to our highly qualified and experienced development department, we are in the position to offer individual solutions on top of our standard machine program.

Whether we develop completely new machines or modify existing modules, our target is to provide
a system which exactly fulfils your requirements. To a price / performance ratio, which will stand any comparison.

The following systems impressively demonstrate, how a Baumann-Wohlenberg cutting-system
can be designed to suit a particular job specification, of which components it can consist and which advantages it will have.