Second-Hand Machinery

Tailor-made cutting sytems

The perfect solution needs to be customized!

Both the realization of specific requirements and to rind new solutions demand high professional competence and closeness to the market. This is our strength – to find such ideas, make them first become reality and then standard. Not least thanks to our medium-size “structure of short routes”,
we are very effective in this field and, in the majority of cases, as far as the realization is concerned, faster than our competitors.

Standardised modules, tailor-made solutions, and the combination of both – these are our strengths.

The following cutting-system was created as the solution to a rather complex specific task at one
of our customer’s.

4-Cut-System Delta

High flexibility for medium cutting volumes

Baumann-Wohlenberg 4-Cut-System Delta offers high productivity in combination with perfect ergonomics. All main components can be used either automatically or manually.
The system has been designed for one operator.

4-Cut-System Delta

What does the system offer


  • Automatic 4-side-trim with sheet stabilization
  • Considerable output increase compared to a conventional cutting-line
  • One-man-operation


  •   Pile Hoists BSH 3-650 - Easy to use pile hoists with platform.
  •   Automatic Jogger BSB 3 L professional - To jog even "difficult" materials, much easier and thus quicker
          than conventional joggers.
  •   BA-VB - Automatic feeding of the high-speed cutter.
  •   Wohlenberg High-Speed Guillotines 132 ASE - Cutting width 132 with Automatic waste removal (ASE).
          Modern cutting technique allows rational cutting of different products and sizes.
  •   Unloader BA 3 - The ergonomic and economically effective way to restack single and multiple cuts
          with high precision.

Available for formats:

  • from 500 x 720 mm
  • to 1040 x 1420 mm

Video of the System

Product video: 4-Cut-System Delta