Second-Hand Machinery

Repiling System Eta

The exact number of sheets can be prepared

A handling system for the consignment of complete pallets, precisely to the sheet.
Thanks to the integrated scale counters, the exact number of sheets can be prepared
for the single orders.

Repiling System Eta

What does the system offer


  • Fully automatic repiling of the selected number of sheets
  • Precise restacking
  • Scale counters connected to the loader and the unloader


  •   Loader BB 6 - Automatic destacking of reams and automatic transport towards the high-speed cutter.
  •   2x Scale Counters BZW - Simultaneous jogging and counting saves time and space.
  •   Unloader BA 6 - The ergonomic and economically effective way to restack single and multiple cuts
          with high precision.

Available for formats:

  • from 500 x 720 mm
  • to 1510 x 2050 mm