The BAUMANN-WOHLENBERG cutting centre in Solms

In July 2008, BAUMANN opened their new cutting centre in Solms.

The core of the new cutting centre consists in a large show-room, where BAUMANN presents several different combinations of WOHLENBERG stand-alone cutters and complete BAUMANN-WOHLENBERG cutting systems, in step with actual practice.

Several highly modern conference-rooms with a total space of more than 320 m², have been integrated into the same building, offering enough space for conferences, presentations and trainings. Both internal and external trainings as well as all demonstrations and presentations will take place in the new building.

The following cutting-systems are currently installed within our show-room:

Demo-System 1:

Stand-alone high-speed cutter WOHLENBERG 76 (for small formats)

Demo - System 2:

Classic cutting system with WOHLENBERG 132, combined with pile hoist and jogger on the loading and an unloader on the unloading side.

  • Pile Hoist, lifting the pallet to an ergonomic working height.
  • Saving approximately 10% of time, compared to taking up the partial layers without pile hoist.
  • Automatic Jogger with air-expulsion roller, creating a perfectly aligned layer for a highly efficient handling within the cutter.
  • Saving approximately 30 % of time, compared to the very awkward alignment within the cutter.
  • Layer stabiliser (option), making the layer 3-dimensional by lifting it in the middle and creating a "wave". The sheets can thus no longer move upwards during the jogging process.
  • AirPlus (option) - compressed air is blown through the very small valves within the long rear-stop - the sheets move smoothly and accurately towards the aligning side-gauge.
  • Wohlenberg 132 for ergonomic turning of printed sheets (format 3 b)
    underneath the knife.
  • Saving approximately 25% of time compared to a WOHLENBERG 115
    and the very awkward turning of the layer on the cutter's front-table.
  • Unloader, restacking the cut layers highly precisely
    and without any delay onto a pallet.
  • Saving approximately 30% of time compared the manual restacking onto a pallet,
    as the restacking-process can run DURING the jogging and cutting-process
    of the next layer(s).

Demo-System 3:

A restacking system for paper wholesale and paper production. This combination of loader and unloader with scale counter can take exactly the predefined number of sheets (for a certain customer) from the complete pile and put them together individually.

Demo-System 4:

An offline-jogging station combining an automatic jogging system BASA with an unloader.

  • BASA 3 for the automatic jogging process
  • Counting device for an exact number of sheets per layer
  • Automatic insertion of intermediate sheets of cardboard. These intermediate sheets can be inserted flexibly, as bottom-sheet, as last sheet of the layer, intervallic or according to an individual schedule.
  • Unloader with integrated transport gripper system, which takes the jogged layers out of the BASA and restacks them highly precisely.
  • Chip-inserter: chips can be put in automatically to separate the layers; when transported to the subsequent cutting system, the loader will detect the chips
    and destack precisely layer by layer.
  • Boards can be inserted to separate the layers so that the operator at a manual cutting system can easily take the layers and transfer them into the high-speed cutter.

Demo-System 5:

A completely automatic cutting-system for large cutting volumes, consisting of the components "automatic cutting" and "automatic jogging".

  • BASA 3 for automatic jogging of up to 50.000 sheets./h (100 g/m² paper, achieved during an on-road test.
  • Curved gripper transport system for rear-table feeding with the possibility to store up to 5 jogged layers before starting the cutting process.
  • Wohlenberg 132 high-speed cutter
  • Back-gauge with linear drive, wear-free, very quick (150 cm/s), quiet and resisting force effects as it hovers magnetically - it is not possible to alter the angularity
    by accident when the layer is pushed roughly against the back-gauge.
  • APS automatic positioning device
  • ASE automatic waste disposal
  • Moveable unloader
  • Two pallet spaces so that two different cuts can be restacked correctly sorted.
  • Pick-up position HTA, for automatic collection of undivided layers
    from the cutter’s rear table.
  • Pick-up position VTA, for automatic collection of a divided layer from the cutter’s
    front-table; the layers are subsequently restacked either together onto one pallet
    or – sorted – onto two separated pallets.