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The Postpress Alliance - Stay connected.

The Postpress Alliance - Stay connected. - The Postpress Alliance  Stay connected.

Press Release 05.06.2020

Drupa 2020, Drupa 2021 … „The Postpress Alliance“, ( the connection of the companies Baumann Maschinenbau Solms, Bograma, H+H, Hohner Maschinenbau, MBO Postpress Solutions, Wohlenberg und Perfecta) had planned with a lot enthusiasm for Drupa 2020. What so ever may come – this alliance that represents the full portfolio from the data transfer from the MIS, through to cutting, folding, die-cutting, perfect binding, saddle stitching and finally even to the converting of mailing and outsert systems, proceeds with their mutual activities according to their slogan “we connect”.
The seven companies have used the weeks of the COVID-19 phase to put together measures including video demos and other alternative programs. The novelties that were originally planned to be launched at Drupa 2020, shall nevertheless still be presented in 2020 to the public. The first Open House of the Postpress Alliance at Hohner in Tuttlingen from November 24 -27, 2020 will be the perfect stage for the launch. Dealers and customers may anticipate many forward looking solutions for postpress converting.
New innovative solutions to the topics of networking and automation are waiting for visitors at the Baumann Maschinenbau Solms, Perfecta und Wohlenberg, the companies of the Baumann Group..  Next to the current Wohlenberg solutions with regard to perfect binding, the companies will present their merge of the brands baumannwohlenberg and baumannperfecta with the latest developments around jogging, cutting and robotics.
With the BASA evolution baumannperfecta will introduce the new generation of the automated jogging machine (BASA). The compact and modular solution, distinguished by the new sustainable drive system, offers an economic entry to the automated jogging process in the base configuration. Moreover, they will present the youngest generation of cutting machines which appear in the new design and provide some novelties. For instance, the new software generation “Cutpit” and an improved cutting cell for significantly longer lasting knives. In addition, they will introduce another innovation for the automatization of the cutting process in combination with a further developed robtics solution.
In the meantime, Bograma has started marketing their new automated card production system, which would have been launched at Drupa originally. This machine combines four processes in one:  inline die-cutting, collating, stacking and cellophane wrapping of playing cards, parlour game cards, trading cards and sports cards. Furthermore, there is another new product to come: the die-cutting of folding boxes and a new stack delivery STA 550 R. This new concept of “first creasing then die-cutting” will grant a top creasing result at highest flexibility. Thus, the perfect solution for a flexible, labour saving, inclusive interface to robots, and banding machine.

Not only does Hohner Maschinenbau GmBH celebrate their 90th company anniversary this year; they are also excited about the presentation of their new Hohner Hybrid Stitcher “HHS Futura“. The HHS Futura is the ultimate concept, providing printing companies and binderies a cost effective solution for the evolving market. Furthermore, it is capable for potential future needs and requirements. With up to 5 different versions, this new machine is unsurpassable in terms of expandability and extension. The model grows with the customer and adapts to their ever changing needs, technically, quantity wise, and in terms of variety. Of course, also the saddle stitcher flagship, the HSB 13.000, will offer a variety of new options with real added value:  the MIS capability, a sheet feeder that can be placed at any position according to the needs of the customer as well as separate foot and head adjustment,  to just mention the most important ones.
After the change in the ownership, just recently renamed to MBO Postpress Solutions, MBO under the new flag of Komori continues their success with the 2019 introduced stacking robot “CoBo-Stack” and focusses further on the topics of robotics, automatization and IoT/industry 4.0. Meanwhile, H+H plans the market launch of an interesting new product for mailings and pharmaceutical package inserts. 
„The Postpress Alliance“ is glad that Komori, an extremely strong partner, stands behind MBO Postpress Solutions. They are convinced that the Alliance will gain appeal and importance by this new situation. Strong partners, those are important keywords this year. No matter the challenges that our partners, customers, and companies of the Postpress Alliance might face, we are confident that we can face them united. The motto of the Postpress Alliance continues to be: Stay connected!

The Postpress Alliance - we connect.

The Postpress Alliance - we connect. - The Postpress Alliance

Concentrated competence as customer benefit

With regard to Industry 4.0 in the postpress segment of the printing industry, it is of extreme importance for SME sized machinery building to bundle their energy and resources in the most efficient way. The aim must be to rely not only on their individual specific technological core competences, but also to offer future oriented and sustainable solutions in terms of data networking and MIS interfaces.

This is exactly from where the The Postpress Alliance between the complimentarily acting companies Baumann Maschinenbau Solms, Bograma, Herzog+Heymann, Hohner, MBO, Perfecta and Wohlenberg has come into being.  What has been a constructive but rather sporadic collaboration between these German and Swiss machinery builders in the past, has now led to the more strategic idea of a stronger linked cooperation in their activities.
Same markets, same customers, same dealers and for the same reason, an also a quite similar approach - that builds the common bond. So, under the motto “we connect”, The Postpress Alliance comprises an extensive range of production processes of postpress, starting from the data transfer from the MIS, through to cutting, folding, die-cutting, perfect binding, saddle stitching and finally even to the converting of mailing and outsert systems. Thus, The Postpress Alliance nearly reproduces the total postpress workflow with all according typical processes of a converting company.

The Alliance will present its synergies, mutual targets and similar company philosophies for the first time in public at Drupa 2020 in hall 16, where the concentrated technological expertise will be hosted on a joint stand surface of roughly 1400 sqm, without giving up each company’s own key competences and USPs and keeping the individual identities.
Joint strength through individual competences without the typical loss of flexibility, customer oriented decisions without long decision-making-channels, data transmission with open interfaces and without communication problems, and last but not least sustainable systems. That’s the added value visitors and customers may experience with The Postpress Alliance. Clients shall notice and feel that they are being considered seriously with their needs and technical requirements in a very individual and personal way.

To put it in a nutshell, The Postpress Alliance can do what others promise – that’s what this community stands for and what Drupa visitors will experience for themselves at stand B23/1-6 in June 2020.  Without revealing too much detailed product information at this early stage, at least a short teaser shall be allowed:

New innovative solutions to the topics of networking and automation are waiting for the visitors at the Baumann Group. Baumann Maschinenbau Solms, Perfecta and Wohlenberg will present the ultimate developments around jogging, cutting and perfect binding, containing some interesting surprises.

Bograma will introduce their automated card production system combining four processes in one:  inline die-cutting, collating, stacking and cellophane wrapping of playing cards, parlour game cards, trading cards and sports cards.

Hohner Maschinenbau GmbH not only celebrates their proud 90th company anniversary, but also looks forward to the world premiere of a revolutionary, new added model to their saddle stitcher series. This includes a concept that offers postpress converters a solution taking into account the situation of permanently evolving and developing markets, and even the adaptation in order to cope and accomplish future needs and demands.  Unbeatable in terms of adaptability and expendability, this new model moves with the times long term and grows with the customers and the requirements of their clients in a three-dimensional way: technically, quantitatively and in terms of diversity.

The MBO Group is going to continue the success of the stacking robot “CoBo-Stack”, being launched only recently in 2019. Moreover for Drupa, they are putting clear focus on the topics robotics, automation and industry 4.0. MBO subsidiary Herzog+Heymann will present at the show interesting news in the field of mailings. In cooperation with Bograma the company will produce on the stand a high-quality mailing with the additional collaborative contribution of hhs, Robatech, Kraus and Longford. Also, in the area of pharma folding machines, visitors may expect innovative developments from Herzog+Heymann. In addition to their own participation under The Postpress Alliance, their components and aggregates will also be represented on the stand of the partner exhibitor Bograma and on the booth of Techni-Fold.

Thus, a visit to The Postpress Alliance’s stand will definitely deliver a series of future-oriented new stimuli.